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Can you wear dresses everyday?

Can You Wear Dresses Everyday? A Week’s Worth of Dresses

We have to be the ones to have to say it, but here’s the truth: wearing pants gets old. 

Common wisdom prevailed a long time ago that jeans, slacks, and trousers are simply more comfortable and accessible than dresses. Society got more “casual” and it sent dresses to the back of the line when it comes to daily wear. But is that fair?

Brace yourself—francesca’s is here to say not necessarily. It’s time to challenge the long run of pants as frontrunners for acceptable daily wear. As established norms come more and more under a scrutinizing eye, a lot of ladies are asking if actually wearing dresses everyday is “allowed.”

So, can you wear dresses everyday? The short answer is that you can do whatever you want, so yes. But this isn’t about permission, it’s about performance. That’s why we figured we’d pen this little post to help you approach the idea of wearing dresses and wearing only dresses.

Transitioning to Wearing Only Dresses

Here’s the truth: transitioning to wearing dresses everyday is going to earn you some skeptical energy from the peanut gallery. The idea that jeans are “easier” and that wearing a dress means you’re “dressed up” are entrenched fashion ideas.

It’s not hard to state the obvious, though: wearing a dress isn’t any more complicated than wearing pants. In many cases, it can be simpler. You don’t have to mess with outfit construction nearly as much—when there’s no pants and no shirt, you don’t have to worry about whether they match or clash, which can be a BIG win in the time department.

A lot of people act like putting on a dress is a lot of work, like we’re living in the pre-Victorian age and it takes hours to squeeze yourself into a dress. This is obviously idiotic. Fashion is so varied and open today, and the options for dress styles are way more plentiful. There’s everything from casual, baggy dresses to formal dresses to sun dresses to work dresses, and so on.

Ideas for How to Wear Dresses Everyday

If you’re dealing with pants-fatigue, it could really be time to consider a personal foray into wearing dresses every day. It may seem like a lot to consider, but here’s an example of how you could approach a week wearing only dresses.

It’s Monday or Tuesday, and you’re back at work and still feeling that early week productivity vibe, but you want to stay comfy. Go for a baggier, softer dress that allows you range of motion in a pattern that says “get it done.”

Around the end of the week, you want to spice things up to go into the weekend strong. Well, go for something a little more sleek—maybe more form fitting or brash. It’ll wake people around you up and make you the energy center of your world.

Obviously, when the weekend hits, dresses are better than pants anyway. You may be hitting the town, in which case your typical evening dresses are there and ready for you. For Saturday casual, those same styles you wore earlier in the week can come in handy.

See? You’ve made it all the way to Sunday, and for the first time in ages, you haven’t even thought about pants. And on Sunday, it doesn’t matter whether you prefer church or brunch—a dress is obviously appropriate for both.

Even when it’s colder, tights provide the perfect way to stay in the dresses everyday game. Consider other dress variations like long sleeves, dresses with pockets, and bold statement pieces. There are so many options and possibilities, that there are dresses for people who don’t like dresses.

So, again: can you wear dresses everyday? We hope this little post that the answer isn’t just a yes but a major yes—maybe even an advisable yes.

Pants have had their day. Here at francesca’s we totally support a new commitment to wearing dresses everyday. If you decided to make the transition, you’ll get nothing but love and help from us.


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