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2022 Summer Dress Trends

It’s never too early to start thinking about summer! What dress trends will you make look cutest as the sun comes out and you change out your boots for sandals? And when is it the right time to break out

Spring dress with booties

Boots may be made for walking, but booties can also really take your wardrobe somewhere special—especially when you pair them with a dress. Finding the perfect booties with dress energy takes finesse, though. While it’s a style that rocks every

Sorority Looks Dress

Sorority rush got you stressed out? Don’t let it – this is an amazing time where you not only get to make wonderful memories, but also meet sisters who can become true friends. Although the first steps might require a

Jean Ditsy Mini Dress

Few things are more exciting (and nerve-wracking!) than figuring out what to wear on a first date. Date night dresses come in all shapes, shades, and sizes—that’s what can make it so hard to choose one. When you’re deciding which

Can you wear dresses everyday?

We have to be the ones to have to say it, but here’s the truth: wearing pants gets old. Common wisdom prevailed a long time ago that jeans, slacks, and trousers are simply more comfortable and accessible than dresses. Society

Desiree Boarder Wrap Dress

“I’ve always been inspired by women, and my mission was to inspire women,” said Diane von Furstenberg, who reinvented the wrap dress in the 1970s. “I would see that the wrap dress made those women confident, and made them act