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Comfy Dresses to Wear All Day, Every Day

Here’s the truth, ladies: putting together the perfect collection of comfy dresses is a wardrobe move that’ll never backfire. Why? Because comfy dresses combine some of the best style attributes in a single article of clothing: comfort, simplicity, and beauty.

Comfy dresses can be worn a number of different ways and for a number of different occasions. They can be chic’d up, dressed down, and thrown on quickly to capture an effortless high-fashion aesthetic.

Comfy dresses with pockets even provide an extra level of utility—who doesn’t love a dress with pockets?! Bottom line: having a solid selection of comfy dresses at the ready is a must. That’s why we’ve taken the time to put together a nice little list of dress styles that tend to fall into the comfy category. Grab one of each, and your comfy dress game will be dang near untouchable!


Obviously! The T-shirt dress is perhaps the fastest way to capture the effortlessly chic look that comfy dresses provide. T-shirt dresses often come in soft fabrics like polyester and cotton blends, with a little Spandex thrown in to give them a slight stretchiness that ensures maximum comfort. Great for everything from casual weekend adventures to dress-down Fridays at the office, the T-shirt dress will quickly find a place in your heart. Look how cute this camo option is!


Off-shoulder dresses bring a unique chic comfort all their own by removing the usual straps and fabric clinging to your shoulders all the time. Set those lovely collarbones loose with an off-shoulder option in a flowy fabric. You’ll get a full range of motion, a dazzling silhouette, and will feel a fresh freedom in the comfy strapless design. Look no further than a floral maxi like this!


Empire waist dresses come in a range of different formalities, allowing for a comfy dress option that feels formal while keeping you squarely in comfy territory. Having the waist-line just below your chest allows for a free-wheeling feeling that can be beat. For more formal occasions, a maxi empire waist dress is perfect. Try a mini empire waist to stay comfy on a fun day date!


Capture a sophisticated comfy look with a classy shirt dress. The shirt dress takes things up a notch from your typical comfy casual dresses to add elements of professionality and command. As good for a grocery run as a day at the office, a great shirt dress will keep you comfy while you take care of business. This denim option is to die for!


Swing dresses are great comfy dresses. Allowing for a flowy vibe while still maintaining an A-line shape, a great swing dress is designed to “swing” with you, following your range of motion for a lovely level of comfort. Swing dresses come in all kind of styles—you’re sure to find one to add to your comfy dress ensemble that stuns.


Step out of your fashion shackles and slip on a comfy baby doll dress. You’ll gain all the comfort without sacrificing any of the cuteness! Baby doll dresses are amazing one-and-done outfits for quick rendezvouses. Bounce out the door in minutes flat without leaving any of your best self behind.


No comfy dress collection is complete without a trusty wrap dress. Wrap dresses provide a chic comfort all their own in a timeless style that flatters nearly every body style! Available in basically any color and pattern under the sun, it shouldn’t take you long to find the right wrap dress for your wardrobe.


There’s something about a long-sleeved dress that just speaks differently. When it comes to the comfy factor, long-sleeves obviously provide more protection against chillier environments. But on a fashion level, they bring a sophisticated quality to your presence that’s unrivaled in the comfy dress space. There’s no shortage of variations on the long-sleeved dress—express yourself through your selection.


The maxi slit dress is where glamour and comfort collide! Nothing conveys chic mystique like a maxi, but too often they restrict your range of motion, and that’s so not comfy! Adding the slit to a maxi frees up your legs while maintaining that glamorous, gorgeous quality only a maxi dress can provide. When it comes to game-changing comfy dresses, adding a slit maxi to your closet is the move.


Smocked dresses are legendary for their comfiness. They are generally made of unstructured fabrics instead of tight materials, so you can wear one for a long time without feeling constricted. The smocked dress is definitive proof you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style.

That’s it! Add one of each of these styles to your dress selection, and you’ll be a comfy dresses queen. Guaranteed!


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