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Flats for Evening Wear

Flat Shoes to Wear With Dresses: Style Meets Comfort

Think flats are only for the librarian in a teen movie, who finally takes off her glasses and lets her hair down? Not anymore! They’re smart, sexy, and stylish. So let’s talk about how to rock them with a dress, because heels aren’t the only sophisticated footwear on the block.

At Work, On the Go

Let’s start with the ballet flat. When you’re on your feet all day, at the office or on the go, comfort is not just a plus… it’s a must. Ballet flats keep the pressure off of your feet on the subway, in an airport, or in the conference room. They slip on, are lightweight, and keep your feet cool. And when they look great, with a bold pattern, they become a statement piece in their own right. Note: the flat sole lets you get away with a shorter dress length!

Pointed-toe flats look killer with a dress, too. Go straight from the office to a downtown party, even if you have to walk the whole way! These are comfortable but also showcase your style – the pointed toe adds a bit of flair, on top of the sensible choice.

Evening Wear

When the sun goes down, the flats come out! If your plans are formal, an embellished ballet flat, pointed toe option, or even a loafer takes on new significance with a bit of bling.

Casual comfort

This is all about keeping things classic. The point looks sleek and sexy, without shouting. Just quietly confident. And in nude colors that match your skin tone, they elongate the look of your legs.

Know the Rules

Generally speaking, flats are great in neutral colors – black, nude, white – because it’s easy to wear them with a million different outfits! That said, if you’re planning to wear a dress that’s neutral, flats are an opportunity to bring some flavor and fun… a leopard print or statement color (red! pink!) can complete your look.


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