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Wearing a long sleeve shirt under dress

Layer a Dress with a Shirt Underneath to Level Up Your Look

Wearing a Dress with a Shirt Underneath

When summer shifts to fall but you’re far from ready to pack up those trusty dresses that have done you right all season, it’s time to zig where most fashion tippers might tell you to zag.

The truth is, you don’t have to say goodbye to any dress you don’t want to. One simple wardrobe hack can have your dress game back on track when weather gets a little cooler. Four words: dress with shirt underneath.

You heard right. Express yourself endlessly with the dress over shirt technique. Since we care about you, we’re going to give you some rock-solid dress with shirt underneath tips right here, right now.

What you can do depends on what kind of shirt you want to wear under a dress. Just to provide starting points for this trend, we’ve sliced your shirt options into a few different categories—from here, you should be able to ride off into the shirt under dress sunset!

Long-Sleeved Shirts Under a Dress

The most obvious way to stave off the cold while keeping fashionable is to launch your layering game by wearing a long-sleeved shirt under a dress. Not only will it cover your arms and keep your warm, the long-sleeved shirt under dress look is both chic and versatile.

Make a formal dress warmer and more casual by wearing a simple long-sleeved cotton basic underneath, or turn a normally flashy piece into an office-ready outfit by dressing it down with some light, long sleeves underneath.

Pattern rules when out the window a long time ago, so long-sleeved shirts under dresses provide the perfect opportunity to pattern-clash and make a splash. Animals prints under printed dresses and pop off—just be smart about it.

Wearing a dress over a long-sleeved shirt can show off your mastery of transitional fashion, and that’s no small thing. You’re sure to spark a wildfire of imitators when you rock the perfect long-sleeved shirt under a dress.

White T’s Under Dresses

There aren’t many articles of clothing less girly than the white T. And that’s exactly why you can harness their power to power-up your dress with shirt underneath game.

Layering a white T under any dress can create a youthful, flirty look while actually drawing fresh attention to the dress itself! Hit the streets in your favorite tea dress or A-line with a white T underneath to add a modern twist to classics.

To bring a typically after-dark dress into the daylight, go for the white T. Even silky dresses and slip dresses can support your shirt under dress habit when you bring a white T into the mix. You can even dress down the fanciest looks by slipping a white T under a printed or maxi dress.

Said short: in the context of the dress over shirt debate, it’s time to rethink just what a white T can do for you.

Go for a Rocker T Under a Dress

If you’re looking for a quick way to add a little “I could care less” attitude while wearing a shirt underneath a dress, reach for a vintage or printed rocker T.

Throwing a vintage T-shirt on underneath a dress won’t just make it more casual—it’ll maintain an edge that can transform lowkey dresses into rebellious centerpieces. The cool thing is that patterns and styles matter less and less when pairing dresses with vintage printed T-shirts. There is only one rule: you.

Next time you’re dying to wear that evening slip or silky mini during the day, reach for that comfy vintage T that’s been out of the limelight for way too long and let it sing.

Choosing Pattern Shirts to Wear Under Dresses

Generally, when it comes to wearing pattern shirts under dresses, you’re going to find yourself in one of two categories: clashing and non-clashing. Patterned shirts will bring their own bold energy to your upper body, which means the dress underneath the shirt will want to compete.

To stay safe, wear non-patterned dresses over patterned shirts. Maxi, midi, mini—just about any dress is up for grabs, so long as you find a color/pattern combo that is complementary. If you’re feeling a little more conservative, use discretion in your combinations. If your energy isn’t in sync with an adventurous combo, it can look tacky as much as bold.

But, if you’re feeling cheeky, return to the pattern-clash to stand out and push fashion boundaries. Remember—pattern-clashing is a wild world, so keep your head about you. As much as pattern-clashing is about doing whatever you want, unfortunately, there are some pattern clashes that just don’t work. Stay smart.

Achieving Peak Turkleneck Under Dress Aesthetic

One of the most popular dress-over-shirt ideas is bringing the turtleneck in. Turtleneck under dress aesthetic is varied but grounded—there’s a reason so many ladies are interested in pulling it off.

Turtlenecks can create an immediate sense of style mastery with little effort, that’s why wearing one under a dress doesn’t just come across as flattering, but savvy. Wearing a turtleneck under a low-cut dress can allow you to take something typically racy into the office for girlboss energy.

The more sheer a turtleneck is, the more edgy it’s going to seem, so if you’re feeling punky, a more sheer turtleneck under a dress will give you that edge. Pair the outfit with some boots to pull the whole look together.

As far as colors go, simple black will put in the most work when it comes to wearability. But that’s never to say that other colors are off-limits. Experiment with different turtlenecks under dresses and uncover show-stopping combos. Be the icon you want to see in the world.

We hope this has given you some real inspiration for thinking about wearing a dress with a shirt underneath. It’s a solid style in transitional weather that can have you feeling like your wardrobe upgraded all on its own.

So get out there and make your dress over shirt dreams come true.


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