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Pledge-Worthy Sorority Rush Dresses for Rush Week 2022

Sorority rush got you stressed out? Don’t let it – this is an amazing time where you not only get to make wonderful memories, but also meet sisters who can become true friends. Although the first steps might require a lot of walking in heels!

Most sororities break down their recruiting process into four separate rounds spread out over a week or so – from Open House to the final Preference Night. It’s similar to speed dating, in that first impressions are important, but it’s also a lot more fun.

Those first impressions are the key factor. Let’s be honest, with dozens or even hundreds of girls under consideration, people are going to judge you on your vibe. There simply isn’t enough time for a sorority to get to know every potential new member personally… at least not yet. It’s important to think about how you present yourself in terms of your style and your choices.

The Short and Sweet Cheatsheet

If there’s one takeaway here, it’s to keep things classy. Try to stand out, but don’t draw too much attention to yourself – and above all, wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident.

In other words, be yourself. After all, your potential sisters want to get to know you.

So opt for classy clothing, smart and stylish footwear, well-groomed hair and nails, and makeup appropriate for the occasion. Avoid anything too glittery or flashy, so they’re not later saying: “Oh, right, she was the girl in the booty shorts.”

The Early Rounds: Orientation, Open Houses, and Philanthropy Day

Most Rush Weeks kick off with an Orientation, a first day in the recruiting process. Some schools may give you a t-shirt to wear – a great leveler in the recruiting process that lets your personality be front and center. Come cute but also prepared, with stylish jeans or shorts on, so you can make a good first impression. And don’t hesitate to tuck in the t-shirt or even roll up the sleeves, to own the moment.

During Open House, most potential new members don a sundress and sandals, a simple skirt or jeans with a cute top. Chances are good that you’ll be walking a lot, so consider a low heel or wedges. Dress like you’re going to dinner with girlfriends, rather than going all out with a fancy dress and heels.

Every school is different, but many sororities also have a Philanthropy Day. Again, you might be given a t-shirt to wear, so come prepared to swap out your top – with flattering jeans or a high-waisted skirt, paired with wedges or flats.

The short version? Remember that the events become more formal as they go along. So elevate your look a bit at each phase – a skirt, statement pants, or a casual dress. And don’t forget accessories, they go a long way!

Pref Night

This is the big one. Preference Night, your last chance to engage before Bid Day. By this point you’re probably leaning in one direction or another, thinking that you’ve found a good fit.

So dress like you would for the wedding of a member of your family or a romantic third date, and don’t forget to let your unique style shine. This doesn’t mean choosing something overly fitted or low-cut – it’s not a club night; it’s a classy event, appropriate for killer heels and simple jewelry that gives your potential sisters a peek into who you are. It’s okay to wear black, but don’t be afraid of a bit of pattern, so long as it’s on point.

It’s All About You

It can be easy to forget in the mad dash of Rush Week that it’s actually all about you. Potential lifelong friends are lined up to meet you, get to know you, and welcome you into their sisterhood. So overall, wear what makes you comfortable and expresses your personality!


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