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Shirt Dress

Style Inspo: Shirt Dress Outfit Ideas for 2022

Ahh, who doesn’t love a t-shirt. Sure, it’s casual, but it’s also sexy and can be dressed up or dressed down at will. So just imagine how much more versatile a t-shirt dress can be… doing double duty in your wardrobe.

They’re perfect for lounging about the house on a Sunday afternoon, but also for a quick and casual Target run. But also think about dressing them up to go out. Maybe not for a super-formal event (unless you’re feeling brave!) but if it’s brunch with the girls? Absolutely.

Perfect with Sandals

What better way to show off your tanned legs than with a bit of swoosh around your hips? As spring hits this year we’re all going to be outdoors more often, so if you’re headed to a backyard picnic or pouring a glass of wine in your garden, all the t-shirt dress requires is your favorite sandals and some big sunglasses. Think of it like a beach cover-up, but just as appropriate for the grocery store or the park.

And if you want to style it up a bit, cinch a thin belt at the waist to accentuate your figure.

Hot Trend: Sneakers Make the Look

Pair your favorite t-shirt dress with cool kicks. White sneakers are your best bet, but don’t be bashful about breaking out those patent leather or platform soles you splurged on! With the right t-shirt dress, vintage-inspired sneakers bring a particular pizzaz.

To be effortlessly chic at the coffee shop or your daily walk, pull on a leather jacket. Sneakers make the look delightfully sporty and feminine.

Over Leggings

The go-to, easy look with big impact. Whether it’s because the weather is still a bit chilly or because you feel that the t-shirt dress feels a bit short for your outing, this is basically a double for an oversized tee – showing that you want to be comfortable without sacrificing style

Full-length black leggings are a fan favorite, finished off with anything from white sneakers to heeled lace-ups or even little blank ankle boots. Three-quarter leggings look amazing with ballet bumps and a waist-tie. And don’t forget statement earrings, to round out the picture.

Over Jeans

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to take your t-shirt dress to the next level.

You can let the t-shirt dress drape long, or tuck in one side for a slouchy look that emphasizes the long lines of your legs.

Either way, this look works best with skinny jeans in any color – from classic blue to black to grey to even bolder pops of color. Consider your clothes as the baseline, and focus on accessories. From kitten heel mules and a cross-body bag with sparkly earrings, to high-impact lace-up heels and a clutch, this look is ideal for a lunch date.

Over Wide-Leg Pants

Feel like making even more of a statement? It’s natural to think about wearing a t-shirt dress over bottoms with narrow legs, but wide-leg styles can also look fantastic.

However you choose to wear your t-shirt dress, it’s a cute and simple, flattering and fashionable starting point. Think about the whole outfit and find what best suits your style!


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