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Midi Dress for Work

Best Dresses to Wear to Work for Any Style & Budget

It’s time to unlock your inner girl-boss!

Having a good grip on which dresses to wear to work can boost your confidence in the workplace and help you find a whole new groove in your professional life. Knowing which dresses are work-appropriate, however, can be a tricky process of elimination. Obviously, there are a lot of dresses that just don’t fit the bill when you’re on the clock.

As always, we’re here for you! From casual work dresses to cute work dresses, we’ve put together a quick guide that can help you form a framework for threading the needle between pretty and professional. Here are ten dress style ideas that can add a little pizzazz to your office life.


The midi dress could be considered the best starting point when searching for work appropriate dresses. The mid-length dress is less whimsical than a maxi and less adventurous than a mini, which positions it perfectly for a professional aesthetic. When choosing which dresses to wear to work, you can’t go wrong with a knee-length midi option. Try a bodycon fit for an executive flair, or something breezier that’s perfect for wearing out after work!


When you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work, nothing says “on it” like a chic quarter-sleeved dress. Quarter-sleeved dresses bring the sophistication of a sleeved dress, but leave your wrists exposed, keeping you in the moment with every task. Go with a good quarter-sleeved ensemble, and you’re guaranteed to garner some admiration from your office-mates!


Shirt dresses are some of the most work-appropriate dresses you can wear. Rocking a collared and buttoned shirt dress is perfect for conveying intentional professionalism while maintaining a feminine edge that says the buck stops with you. Try one with some understated wedges to start the workday on the right foot.


In chillier months (and for chillier offices), sweater dresses can be great for work. Not only are sweater dresses comfy, they can also help you maintain a sleek silhouette while keeping you warm. Experiment with different collar styles! Rocking a turtleneck sweater dress can give your presence a whole new kind of authority.


For more casual work dresses, don’t shy away from a good T-shirt dress. T-shirt dresses maintain an air of formality, but break the pattern for a dress-down Friday hit that’ll have the path to the water cooler feeling like a runway. While T-shirt dresses come in every shade and shape, solid neutral tones really fit in the modern workplace.


When it comes to classy dresses for work, there’s something about stripes that just gets the job done. A horizontal striped bodycon can break the patterns of office monotony and have people sitting up when you speak. Or, try a pin-striped shirt dress for real boss vibes. Striped dresses have a stable, chic energy that says you’re there to do more than climb the ladder.


Classy dresses for work include skater dresses. Skater dresses are unassuming, but flattering in their simplicity. They also make getting ready easier if, say, you hit the snooze button one too many times! Pair a solid-color skater with a cute belt and shoes and let the compliments roll in from 9 to 5.


One legendary office dress for ladies is the shift dress. Shift dresses combine the best of both worlds, mobility and shape, to offer a perfect workday option. They are known for their slightly looser fit while maintaining a feminine silhouette—perfect when you’re on the move, but you don’t want to sacrifice style to get where you’re going. You don’t have add anything to a shift dress for it to be work appropriate, but a simple belt can always spice up the look!


Executive energy. The blazer dress allows you to convey authority without defaulting to the pantsuit. There’s a brave energy about a blazer dress that says you’re not afraid to make the tough decisions. Powerful lapels and shoulder pads make the blazer dress one of the boldest and best dresses to wear to work.


Pencil dresses convey a straight-forward, professional attitude that could have you hearing “yes ma’am” a little more often. A midi pencil dress is perfect for keeping the productive energy high when you’re deep in the week. Show your workmates you’re not into slowing down by donning a sleek pencil dress on a Wednesday. You won’t regret it.

Well, that should do it! Stick close to these styles, and you’ll find so many cute work dresses, you’ll wish there were more days in the work week. Just kidding. Who would ever wish that?

See you in the C-suite, ladies!


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