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What to Put in a Bride Survival Kit: Be Ready for Anything

Your wedding day will be one of the best days of your life. After months of planning, you’ll be so ready to say “I do” ASAP, party your tush off, and ride off with your true love. You’re going to be happier than you’ve ever been—you’re also going to be freaking out. That’s why having a bride survival kit is essential. 

But knowing what to put in a bride survival kit is often harder than it seems, especially when your head is so full of other things on your big day. Well, relax. Francesca’s has boiled down the idea of a bridal emergency kit to its simply-must haves.

If you’re looking to have the most magical matrimonial day possible, here are ten things you should absolutely think about having around as the fairy tale unfolds.


It is incredibly important that you stay hydrated in the lead-up to your ceremony and reception. Your body is running extra hot, and requires the extra liquid to keep you cool. Also, alcohol will almost certainly be involved, before and after the ceremony, so it’s good to make sure you’re balancing that consumption with water. Have a bridesmaid bring a nice case of your favorite bottled brand.


Don’t head to the venue without it. Chances are, the wonderful action of your dream event will have you sweating a little. That’s totally normal, of course, but it’s best to resist perspiring too much as a bride. Any just in case kit should include a fresh stick of deodorant—it can also come in super handy once the dancing gets going. BO isn’t on the guest list.


As you and your ladies are getting ready, it’s a near-certainty some fashion tape, safety pins, and other dressing utilities will come in handy. Fashion tape can be a life-saver not only for you, but your bridesmaids. A bridal emergency kit without it is no emergency kit at all. For good measure, get a couple rolls.


Major hype can lead to headaches. It’s totally natural that the level of action and lead-up to a your big day can have your head spinning. When thinking about what to put in a bridal survival kit, always think about a bottle of ibuprofen or other headache medicine. You’re also going to be wearing heels for long periods of time—pain reliever can take the edge off any ache that results.


Let’s be honest: you are your bridal party are going to be snapping and posting all day. That, and doing a lot of texting/calling to make sure everything is falling into place—right up until the moment you walk down the aisle. There’s nothing worse than suddenly realizing your phone is suddenly sporting that dreaded 1% battery life. Bring multiple phone chargers.


On wedding days, steamers save lives. It is a certainty that you or someone else in the wedding party will need a steamer to eliminate annoying creases on the spot, so be sure to have a solid steamer on hand. We promise—you’ll be saying “thank goodness” more than once.


This one seems obvious, but so many brides forget it when putting together their bridal survival kit. You’re going to be wearing heels for a long time—and doing more than just standing. You’ll be walking, posing for photos, and dancing long before you have the option to swap your heels out for sandals (another item on this list) without coming across as tacky. Anti-blister balm is a must-have. You don’t want to start your honeymoon hobbling through the airport!


OK, yes, water is very important. Staying hydrated is very important. But, come on, you’re going to need some champagne on hand. As long as you don’t indulge too much before your ceremony, having some bubbly is sure to dial up the fun as you and your ladies get ready. We’re building a bridal emergency kit here—no champagne would certainly be an emergency.


Again, yes, obvious—but you’d be surprised what brides can forget in the blur of their big day. Make sure you’ve got a great makeup kit together, even if you’re having a professional do your makeup. You want to be able to touch up right up the moment of the ceremony—same with your bridesmaids.


At long last, a moment will come when swapping your heels for sandals will seem more than acceptable. But you still want to look cute! Pick out a pair of flats or sandals that will still flatter your bridal dress, but let you finish the night in style and comfort. You won’t regret it!

Hope this has been helpful, ladies! Start with these ten categories when thinking about what to put in a bride survival kit, and you’ll be in great shape before you know it. If you’re looking for something a little more comprehensive, we’ve included a printable wedding day emergency kit list below!

Now go get’ em.


  1. A small scissors
  2. Antacid
  3. Antihistamine
  4. Aspirin or Pain Relievers
  5. Baby powder or cornstarch
  6. Band-aids
  7. Bobby pins or elastics
  8. Breath mints
  9. Brush, comb, hairspray or gel
  10. Bug Spray and or Sunscreen
  11. Chalk (to cover stains)
  12. Chapstick and lip gloss
  13. Club soda or stain removal towelettes
  14. Cold Remedies
  15. Contact information for all vendors
  16. Copies of directions to ceremony, photo location and reception
  17. Copy of your vows
  18. Cotton balls or swabs
  19. Curling Iron or straightener
  20. Deodorant
  21. Duck tape
  22. Extra buttons
  23. Extra earring backs
  24. Extra pantyhose
  25. Eye Drops
  26. Feminine Hygiene Products
  27. First Aid
  28. Flashlight
  29. Flat shoes in case your feet hurt
  30. Hand Lotion
  31. Hem Tape
  32. Iron or steamer
  33. Lint brush
  34. Make up remover (or make up remover pads)
  35. Makeup
  36. Masking tape or sewing tape
  37. Mouthwash
  38. Nail polish, clear polish, remover and a nail file
  39. Perfume
  40. Phone chargers
  41. Phone numbers of all wedding participants
  42. Photo checklist
  43. Prescription Medications
  44. Q-Tips
  45. Safety pins
  46. sewing kit in the bride and bridesmaids’ dress colors
  47. Shoe polish
  48. Smelling Salts
  49. Snacks and drinks (a limo service may provide these)
  50. Static cling spray
  51. Straws (to avoid lipstick smudges)
  52. Superglue
  53. Tissues
  54. Toothbrush, toothpaste, toothpicks and floss
  55. Tossing Garter
  56. Tweezers
  57. Umbrella
  58. Upset stomach medicine
  59. Utility knife
  60. Wet Wipes


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